Get Involved

1.              Playing

The most obvious way of getting involved is playing cricket. We have extensive men’s, women’s and youth sections and we are always on the lookout for new players!

2.              Officiating

The game of cricket doesn’t happen without Umpires and Scorers. Both umpiring and scoring are a fun way to stay involved in the game and be a part of the action. Whether you are ambitious and want to move up onto officiating panels or you want to keep involved in the game, we can help provide a friendly environment to learn, develop and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

3.              Coaching

Oxford Cricket Club has a large number of exciting opportunities for coaches to work with our members. We have opportunities for coaches in all of our sections from the All-Stars Cricket programme for 5-9 year olds through to the senior set-ups. We are willing to support aspiring coaches in pursuing ECB qualifications and provide them with opportunities to hone their newly-acquired skillset.

4.              Supporting

The club is thankful to all of it’s supporters. Supporting Oxford CC can be as simple as coming along for an hour to watch all the way through to volunteering with occasional tasks.

5.              The Committee

The club is run by a committee of volunteers who ensure that the club is run properly and meets all of its commitments to our members and local community. It is structured as follows:


The chair presides over all committee meetings and oversees all club activities.

These are the Executive Positions. No person may hold more than one executive position concurrently.


The secretary maintains club documents, calls and records committee meetings and is the first point of contact for enquiries. The Secretary, in liaison with the directors of cricket and coaches, also ensures all players are registered with the appropriate leagues.


The treasurer is in charge of the club’s finances and produces annual accounts.

Club Welfare Officer

The club welfare officer ensures the club provides a friendly and welcoming environment for all and deals with any welfare issues that may arise across the season. They work with the Secretary and Director od Youth Cricket to ensure that the club is meeting the standards required for Clubmark accreditation.

Full-time committee members who are invited to all committee meetings. Committee members may hold more than one of the full-time portfolios, or hold an executive position alongside one or more full-time portfolios.

Director of Men’s Cricket

The Director of Men’s Cricket oversees all on-field activity for the senior men’s teams. The Director of Men’s Cricket chairs the Men’s Cricket Committee

Director of Women’s Cricket

The Director of Women’s Cricket oversees all on-field activity for the senior women’s teams. The Director of Women’s Cricket Committee.

Director of Youth Cricket

The Director of Youth Cricket oversees the club’s youth section. The Director of Youth Cricket chairs the Youth Cricket Committee.

Fixtures Secretary

Organises any senior fixtures outside of the league calendar. This role may also be split into a Men’s and Women’s fixtures secretary. (Note: Youth fixtures are organised by coaches and team managers in partnership with the Director of Youth Cricket)

Membership Secretary

Aids the treasurer and secretary in ensuring that all subscriptions and match fees are paid.

Ordinary Members

These members of the committee are elected at the AGM, or can be co-opted onto the committee across the course of the season. They can be assigned roles, such as looking after the website or organising social events.

Men’s Cricket Rep

Women’s Cricket Rep

Youth Cricket Rep

Representatives from each section who are not otherwise committee members are invited to each committee meeting to represent the interests of their section. These are chosen prior to each meeting.


In addition to the committee, the club may choose to appoint a Club President, who chairs the Annual General Meeting and is a public figurehead for the club.