Tips for Parents and Youth Player’s from OCC’s Director of Women’s Cricket, Rosalyn Porter

I was recently interviewed with my daughter Ellie – mother and daughter involved in cricket. Ellie is Women’s Captain at Hampstead Cricket Club, London. From that interview came the following:

Rosalyn’s 5 top 5 tips – for Parents and youth players.

1. Keep all finger nails and toe nails short. A ball on the end of a finger nail can be a nasty injury and keep you out for a couple of weeks.

2. Always check your helmet before each game – is the grill in the correct place? are the screws nice and tight.

3. Be proud of your bruises. Ellie still always sends me a picture of her first notable bruise of the season.

4. And for when your young cricketer moves on to the longer format of the game:

Does your young cricketer know how to leave and return to the field of play during the middle of a match? Inform your Captain, Inform the Umpire and go off at the end of an over. To return – signal to the umpire that you are coming back on – do this at the end of an over.

Make sure your Captain knows you are back on. You cannot come on to bowl for the number of overs that you were off. So if you were off for 2 overs then you cannot bowl until 2 overs after you have returned to the field of play.

5. And the most important one: DO NOT OVERPLAY. Young cricketers have fragile bodies especially when going through the ‘growth spurt’. Bowling is an unnatural movement – any injury that develops can last a lifetime, be very careful.

Consider the total amount of overs/time your young cricketer is bowling – at school, at Club, with friends, in the garden. Are they getting enough rest? I would like all young cricketer to be playing cricket all through their lifetime.

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